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Check list to organise shipment

  1. Are my goods packed safely for transport 
  2. Are all my items marked with full name and address on each package & locked securely
  3. Have I completed the packing list and security declaration in full
  4. Do I have a clear copy of my passport
  5. Have I requested a quote from Student Freight
  6. Have I booked in a time for pick up or to drop off
  7. Have I sent all paperwork to Student Freight
Any shipments under 100kgs are best via AIR not SEA 


  1. Goods will be check weighed by the warehouse staff and held for security inspection
  2. Shipment will be booked with the Airline
  3. You will be supplied with the details of how your shipment will travel
  4. Copy Documents will be supplied to you
  5. Airwaybill copy
  6. Copy of weigh docket sheet if required
  7. Copy of tax invoice


  1. You pay Student Freight invoice with fees | charges
  2. Goods are despatched and sent to the oversea's destination
  3. Shipment can be tracked on line with the Airwaybill number
  4. You collect your shipment, pay local arrival fees and any customs fees
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