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Importing  Excess Baggage into Australia

To arrange Customs Clearance of your shipment we would need the following documentation in order to proceed:

  1. Legible copy of the Airway Bill (Air) or Bill of Lading (Sea)
  2. Airline, Shipping Line or Freight Forwarders arrival notice (if possible)
  3. Legible copy of the Customs B534, completed in full
  4. Legible copy of the Packing | Inventory List
  5. Legible copy of the Current Passport
  6. Legible copy of the Current Visa (if not Australian or New Zealand)
  7. Any new Items (under 12 months old) may need receipts as GST/Duty charges may be applicable from Australian Customs.
  8. Please also ensure that we have a letter of authority or written consent to act on your behalf as we must present this to Airlines, Shipping Lines and Customs.

Document Downloads for Importing:

All these documents would need to be submitted to us by email to [email protected] before arrival of aircraft or vessel.
If documents are submitted after arrival, penalties may be charged by Australian Customs and the shipment may go into storage at additional cost to you.

Should Australian Quarantine need to Inspect your goods there will also be additional inspection fee’s along with airline & wharf storage fees that may be applicable and charged to you also.

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