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Welcome to Student Freight

Service is available AUSTRALIA WIDE                      

Email: [email protected]                                 

Helping you save $$ on Excess Baggage from Australia

Student Freight was established purely to assist Students, International Passengers  & Corporate Travellers with CHEAPER Excess Baggage Rates from Australia.

*** No Airline Ticket Required *** Must have your photo ID

Whether you are travelling for an extended holiday or relocating overseas, sometimes packing to meet your baggage allowance can be a very big challenge.

You may have personal clothing and sentimental articles, books, portable music instruments or sporting equipment.

Student Freight treat your possessions as though they are our own.

This alternative means of transporting your personal belongings may not offer the convenience of having your baggage travel on your flight, but can provide you with a significant cost saving $                        

Click here to Contact us today for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE        

No shipment too BIG or SMALL|  Student Freight can handle them  ALL!

Try to organise your shipment  with our office at least 1 week prior to your departure to comply with security procedures.

Please don’t get held to RANSOM and have to pay ridiculous rates at the Airport check in. THINK ABOUT IT and organise yourself early don’t leave it until the last minute!

 Make sure to pack your items in good quality strong boxes or boxes and they must be labelled with the Full name & Overseas address on each item

You will be charged on whatever is greater ACTUAL Weight in Kilograms or SIZE (CBM) volumetric in Kilograms and all goods are weighed at our warehouse in accordance with IATA Regulations.

Need to know more Information please click onto our links & if your question is not answered or you may need more information please feel free to contact
us further.
Enquiry CLICK 

PLEASE NOTE :  Student Freight is not a common carrier ensure that you Insure your items at all times as a responsible owner.

Student Freight have the right solution to suit both your
Time and Budget

Big or Small | Student Freight can handle it ALL

Contact us for your enquiry or please call 1300 343287

Services of Student Freight Australia or Aussie Air & Sea are provided
and both subject to Standard Trading Conditions available upon Request.
ABN: 89.601.180.211

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